Workshops update

We've added some new functionality to our online workshops:

  • New flow and design for the Q&A step (if you have multiple questions in one step, only one question is displayed at a time; the facilitator can move participants through questions)
  • Added the ability to end a workshop for all participants - workshop participants are then redirected to return back to your platform
  • Added the ability for facilitators to switch to full-screen mode for all participants. This is especially useful when you are sharing your screen and want to make sure participants can clearly see what you are presenting
  • Allow workshops to be accessed on two new browsers in addition to Google Chrome: Microsoft Edge and Firefox 80+

New Q&A Flow

Switch to full-screen mode for all participants

End workshop for all participants

Happy workshopping!

Select multiple options in a Smart Group rule

You can now select multiple options at once to define a smart group rule.

Until recently, Smart Groups of users only worked with the 'AND' logic: a user had to comply with each and every rule you set to be included in the smart group.

This addition allows you to also use 'OR' logic applied to user registration questions where users can select one or multiple options. Thus allowing for more flexibility when creating and using smart groups on your platform.

An example to clarify: If you ask of your users during registration in which neighborhood they live, you can now define a smart group rule saying: User lives in Neighborhood X OR Neighborhood Y".

How to create such a Smart Group:

Improved Activity feed

We renamed our 'Overview' feature to 'Activity' to better cover its meaning.

An input type and project filter have been added along with a search bar, to allow you and your colleagues to more easily find the input that needs to be checked.

Other items we've taken on:

  • The idea export now also contains an idea's location, the number of comments and the number of attachments.
  • We reworked the permissions page of your projects, giving you a clearer overview when defining these permissions.
  • On the platforms with German as a language option, we replaced the formal 'Sie' by the less formal 'Du'.

Draft 'Project folders'

You can now set your 'Project Folder' status to 'draft'. By doing so, the folder and its projects remain invisible to all users. Even when some of those projects in the folder have publication status 'published'. This gives you the time needed to set up your folders while remaining in control of who can see what and when.

Also reworked:

  • You can now directly access the projects within a folder from your project overview page
  • The folder page shown to your users has been restyled to offer more clarity
  • You can now add attachments to a folder
  • The 'viewing rights' of a folder automatically adapts to the viewing rights of the underlying projects, meaning that when a user can only see 1 of 4 folder projects, the number 1 is indicated on the home page. If (s)he can see none, the folder itself isn't shown either

Email unsubscription flow

As we believe all users should be able to opt-out of any email notification as easy as possible, we improved our unsubscription flow by a lot:

  • When clicking 'Unsubscribe' in any of the automated emails your platform sends out, users now automatically land on a page with a clear success message. 
  • They no longer need to log in first.
  • And they get a grouped overview of the other automated emails on that very same page, allowing them to make a personal selection of the emails they (don't) want to receive.